Three Mills in Leidschendam-Voorburg (Netherlands)

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碾子   |  碾子       Roller crusher

石碾   |  石碾       Roller crusher

磨坊   |  磨坊       Roller crusher, hand mill, watermill

磨盘   |  磨盘       Hand mill and roller crusher

石磨   |  石磨       Hand mill and roller crusher

推磨   |  推磨       Hand mill and roller crusher

碾房   |  碾房       Roller crusher, watermill

磨豆腐 |  磨豆腐     Hand mill

水磨   |  水磨       Hand mill

翻水车 |  翻水车     Noria (water lifting)

水车   |  水车       Noria (water lifting)

水車   |  水車       Noria (water lifting)

大水车 |  大水车     Noria (water lifting)

筒车图 |  筒车图     Noria (water lifting)

龙骨车 |  龙骨车     Tread mill

水碓   |  水碓       Hammer mill, powered by water, for hulling rice

风车   |  风车       Wind mill (mainly European)

風車   |  風車       Wind mill (mainly European)

槽碓   |  槽碓       Mortar for husking rice by waterpower

古臼   |  古臼       Ancient mortar

摇风车 |  摇风车     Winnower (rice)

風鼓    風鼓       Winnowing (nice results)

风鼓车 |  风鼓车     Winnowingcar

古代榨油机    |  古代榨油机    Ancient oil press

榨油作坊      |  榨油作坊      Traditional oil extraction

推动撞杆榨油  |推动撞杆榨油Oil extraction

老油坊 老油坊 Old oil mill

纸厂里  |  造纸厂里  Making paper factory inside

古造纸厂  |  古造纸厂  Ancient manufacture paper factory

汉代造 纸工艺流程  |  汉代造 纸工艺流程    Han paper making process

古法造纸  |  古法造纸 Traditional method paper

古代造纸术的工艺流程  |  古代造纸术的工艺流程  Ancient paper making process

水碓在古代   |   水碓在古代   Papermaking hammer mill

土的纸张文物方面  |  土的纸张文物方面  Ancient paper heritage

锯木厂 锯木厂 Sawmill machine

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Google translate

Mill   وأثر أهلن
Water mill   
طاحونة الماء

Watermill   طاحونة مائية
Hand mill (quern)  

Hand mill (quern)   رحى من طاحونة
Arabic stone dressing
Roller crusher  
حجر معصرة قديم .

Oilpresses in the old way   هذه معصرة زيت
Millstone   حجر رحى
Grinding grain   لِجَرْش الحبوب

Quern   رحا

Millstone   حجر الرحى
Sesam mill   معصرة السمسم   OR   جمل المعصرة
Olive oil mill   معصرة زيتون   OR   معصرة زيتون قديمة

Olive ancient Roman   الزيتون الرومانية القديمة

Saqiya OR Persian Wheel